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Lucinda Joyce


Lucinda Joyce is the author of 7 Steps to being Grounded, Centred and connected. Lucinda is a soul centred writer that focusses her writing on self- empowerment for the reader. As a meditation guide Lucinda holds a space for people to remember how to awaken to the wisdom within and is the creator of the Morning Practice. Lucinda is passionate about sharing insights that facilitate transformation.

My Philosophy

My philosophy

There is an underlying energy that connects all living things. This is our connection to a universal source that flows through us. When you are open and connect to this source your deepest truth is awakened allowing your consciousness to expand. Inner wisdom then guides the soul. Awakened you have access to your own inner compass to guide you through life. This opens you to the source allowing you to access your full potential by raising your vibration.

We are here to remember our divine true nature by braking through the illusion of being separate. This allows you to open to a oneness with all.

Life is a journey to self-awareness. Awareness is simply recognising your shadow self. Surrendering all that no longer serves you.

I believe we all have a gift to share with the world. This is usually birthed through your greatest challenges that lead you to transformation.


Life is a journey
to self-awareness

My why

My mission is to help people remember their divine true nature. Awaken to the wisdom within them by facilitating a path to breaking down patterns, beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve them. In our modern-day world with so many daily distractions that only serve to pull us out of alignment with higher self. It takes dedication to show up daily with a consistent practise to stay present, grounded, centred, and open to the source.

It is my mission to create a community for authentic connection to occur on a deeper soul level by shinning a light on the road to self- realisation through spiritual development. Opening the door to inner peace and universal love.


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Lucinda Joyce
7 steps to being Grounded, Centred and Connected

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